Financial Support

Can I get help with my fees?

For some courses full fee remission may be available if you are in receipt of:

· Job Seeker’s Allowance

· Employment and Support Allowance

· Universal Credit (unemployed or take-home pay as recorded on your Universal Credit statement (disregarding Universal Credit payments and other benefits is less than £617 a month (student is sole adult in their benefit claim) or £988 a month (student has a joint benefit claim with their partner).

· Unemployed and on another state benefit (conditions apply)

· Studying for your first full Level 1 or 2 qualification on an eligible course

· Studying for your first full Level 3 qualification on an eligible course

· Employed or self-employed with a gross annual income of less than £20,319

Time Credits

Time Credits can be used as full payment for Community Learning and Skills courses. For more information on the Time Credits scheme, head to:


For some of our professional qualifications marked in this guide, learners can apply for loans to cover the costs of their course. The following loans may be available for you to apply for:

HE Loans:
Advanced Learner Loans:

Please enquire for more information.

Higher Education
0333 003 1717

Nelson and Colne College
01282 440 209

Accrington and Rossendale College
01254 354 143

Bursary Fund

Lancashire Adult Learning has a bursary fund to help learners who require further assistance with any financial aspects of their learning. Support available to eligible learners include support with the childcare and travel costs and in some cases tuition fees. As each person’s financial and family situation is different, we consider each application individually, based on evidence provided.

To apply for financial assistance, you will need to complete an application using the College’s secure online portal Pay My Student.  You can login to Pay My Student using your College Office 365 account.  You will be required to upload evidence as part of your application.

Click here to apply:

If you require more information or require support, you can:

How to pay

  • You can pay via VISA, Mastercard, Cheque, or cash. Payments in instalments may be available for some courses. Please enquire for further details.

Refund policy

We will refund all fees paid by learners when:

  • We cancel the course because we are unable to recruit a sufficient number of students to make the course economically viable
  • We permanently change the course to a different time and/or place from that advertised so that it is no longer convenient to you
  • We make a significant change to the course aims and objectives

Any course fees and examination / accreditation fees you have paid will be refunded in full, or if preferred, a transfer of fees to another course will be arranged. If you would like to see our full refund policy please email us.

By clicking the PAY NOW or CONFIRM button, or by completing your enrolment over the phone with the Enrolments Team, you are confirming that you accept and are satisfied with the following:

That the College is able to offer this course at the rates publicised on this website to those individuals aged 19+ or over on 31st August 2023 whose home address is in areas of England outside of the devolved authority areas of: Cambridge and Peterborough, Greater Manchester, Greater London, Liverpool City Region, Tees Valley, West Midlands and West of England. Where an individual resides outside of England or in one of the devolved areas then the College reserves the right to charge you for the delivery of the course at a rate of £10.80 per hour. This is in line with the College’s Fees Policy which is published on our websites.


Terms and Conditions

By clicking the PAY NOW or CONFIRM button, you are confirming that you accept and are satisfied with the following.

  • I declare that the information I have provided for this enrolment is correct including my employment and benefit status and previous qualification information.  I authorise the College to verify the information provided.
  • I understand that if the course is four weeks or less in duration and if I have failed before the course starts to make payment arrangements, including where applicable the provision of evidence to support the waiver of fees, then the College reserves the right to invoice me for the relevant fees, or to ask me to leave the course as per the College’s Fees Policy.
  • I understand that if the course is longer than four weeks in duration and I have failed to make payment arrangements within four weeks of starting the course, including where applicable the provision of evidence to support the waiver of fees, then the College reserves the right to invoice me for the relevant fees, or to ask me to leave the course as per the College’s Fees Policy.
  • I understand that if I do not satisfy UK residency requirements I will be liable for overseas tuition fees according to the College’s Fees Policy and that I will not be able to attend classes until payment has been received.
  • I agree to the learning programme(s) specified on this form and accept that the delivery of the programme(s) will require me to actively engage in live learning activities delivered via digital technologies including video and audio-conferencing platforms as determined by the College.
  • I understand that some elements of my learning programme may be decided upon when I have completed initial assessments and that when my programme changes I will be provided with an updated version of this document.
  • I agree to abide by the College rules and regulations. I have spoken to College staff about why I wish to take this programme, whether it is suitable for me and my progression intentions, the entry requirements for the programme, the qualifications I will be working towards, what I can do after this programme and whether I need any support to help me complete.  I am satisfied with the advice and guidance I have received and understand that if I need any further information I can contact Student Services.
  • I understand that if my enrolment is processed with agreement from my employer to cover my tuition fees and exam/registration costs, and my employer subsequently fails to pay, then I will be liable for all outstanding balances. The College reserves the right to contact your employer (if your employer is paying your fees) regarding your progress.
  • If I withdraw from the course prior to completion I understand I will still be responsible for all outstanding fees in line with the College fees policy.

 * Tick to confirm that you are enrolling on this course, that the information you have provided is correct and that you have read and understand the terms and conditions.

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