We are committed to providing a safe environment for all learners and staff at Lancashire Adult Learning.

We advocate a welcoming environment for all, where everyone is respected and nurtured. We do not tolerate discrimination, abuse, harassment or bullying of any kind. If you feel that you are unsafe within the college environment, or if you witness something that you do not feel comfortable with we ask you to report it immediately and we will respond.  If you feel you are being harmed or are at risk of potential or actual abuse within or out of college, we urge you to report this as soon as possible.

You should:

  • Talk to your teacher, or any other member of staff.
  • Contact our safeguarding team on 07392 195338.
  • Email:

Types of abuse could include:

  • Bullying and/or harassment
  • Physical or emotional abuse
  • Extremism or radicalisation
  • Cyberbullying or other e-safety issues
  • E-Safety.

We take the safety of our learners seriously, and this includes online communication. You will be asked to sign our acceptable use policy at the beginning of your course as part of ours and your commitment to e-safety. However, if you feel unsafe online at any time please speak in confidence to your tutor or the safeguarding team immediately on 07392 195338.


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