If you have a big heart, why not use it to show ‘you can care’

#YouCanCare Week (21 – 27 February) provided the perfect opportunity for Lancashire Adult Learning to:

SHINE a spotlight on the incredible people working in the care sector

SHOWCASE why care is such a rewarding career and

PROMOTE a wide range of courses for anyone interested in working in Health and Social Care

A FREE event was hosted at Northlight, Brierfield allowing all attendees to access information about careers in the Health and Social Care sector. The team at Lancashire Adult Learning ran a variety of interactive workshops to highlight:

  • Mental health conditions
  • Disabilities and support needs
  • Caring for older people
  • Health care needs
  • People in recovery

With course tutors and care sector employers on hand, it provided the opportunity for attendees to gain advice, seek guidance, ask questions and obtain further information on the career opportunities that the different Health and Social Care courses could lead to. Whether interested in retraining, upskilling, finding work, or dedicating time to care for a loved one.

A huge thank you to our fantastic partners who supported the event including: 360 Degree Health, Venturi Healthcare, Alternative Futures, Nesi Professionals, GS Social CareRochcare, Lancashire & South Cumbria and East Lancashire Healthcare Trusts.

Ray Felters – Head of Curriculum – Health & Social Care says “The breadth of opportunities available within either healthcare and social care settings gives individuals the chance to progress into a range of diverse roles, making a difference to people’s lives when they need it most makes health and social care such an exciting and rewarding sector to work in. Every day is different, challenging and sometimes difficult but the impact you can have on others by caring really can make the difference.”  

Did you know? Most courses are FREE! If you are interested and want to know how you can ‘show you care’?

FIND OUT MORE about the courses you can enrol on TODAY.

Changing lives through an updated curriculum

Raising Awareness around Breast Cancer in Pregnancy

Lancashire Adult Learning (LAL) came across Roisin Pelan’s social media campaign about her incredibly brave battle with breast cancer during her pregnancy.

Nicola Hall, Director – Curriculum Innovation & Partnerships was instantly compelled to reach out and discover how LAL could assist and support Roisin to reach even more people and consequently set out to update the curriculum of LAL’s health courses.

Nicola said “Breast Cancer affects 1 in 7 women, but with early detection it can be treated effectively. We are perfectly positioned at Lancashire Adult Learning to help raise awareness of the importance of self-examination. Roisin – breast cancer kicker and the founder of www.FightyPants.com is from my hometown of Preston and we are delighted to be working alongside her on this campaign.”

Lancashire Adult Learning deliver a variety of Health Literacy courses. The ‘Screening for Prevention & Good Health’ course aims to increase learners’ knowledge about the importance of health screening, and the main screening programmes available. For learners where English is a second language, it provides the opportunity to enhance their language skills and with this enhanced knowledge and confidence, they are then better prepared to deal with health conditions and take responsibility for looking after themselves and their family.

Sarah Haworth, Head of Curriculum – Health and Wellbeing said “By embedding key messages about breast cancer within our curriculum We hope to not only raise further awareness, but help to normalise conversations about cancer so people are confident to carry out self-examination and follow up anything they feel unsure about with their GP. Early detection is vital and can result in effective treatment that can save lives.”

Roisin’s important campaign has also led her to work closely with East Lancashire Hospital Trust (ELHT). Roisin said “The close partnership between ELTH and LAL signifies a change in the way of early detection of breast cancer – through a combination of clinical and academic means. Its work will educate both midwives and new or expecting mums and open up the conversation about breast cancer in pregnancy.”

Read more about Roisin’s personal journey, read her wonderful Blogs and watch her amazing daughter Ivy share her own perspective here.

Photo: Roisin Pelan and Sarah Haworth at Haslam Park in Preston “Kicking Cancer’s Ass!”

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