Care Home Residents Delighted by Spring Crafts Afternoon with Children from Local Primary School

Lancashire Adult Learning (LAL) has launched a new Spring Crafts course for children and care home residents in Preston, as part of its family learning provision.

The course took place at Banksfield Care Home, which specialises in residential and dementia care for the elderly. LAL’s teachers delivered an afternoon of crafting activities this week to a group of children from Fulwood and Cadley Primary School and the home’s service users.

The course provided fantastic opportunities for both the children and the residents at Banksfield. The spring crafts activity aids in helping boost both the cognitive and physical abilities of the residents and proved a fun and engaging activity for the children. Additionally, the social benefits of spending time with the children of Fulwood and Cadley Primary School is seeming to have an effective impact on combatting loneliness within these settings.

The initiative builds on LAL’s longstanding relationship with Fulwood and Cadley Primary School, where the College’s teachers go out to deliver courses to parents in schools to help them better support their children’s learning. This new course extends the support to care home residents and strengthens the College’s commitment to engaging with the local community.

Banksfield Care Home’s service users enjoyed working alongside the children for a crafting afternoon making decorative crafts, which they displayed on the walls for all to see. According to Ria, the Manager at Banksfield Care Home; “Our residents had an absolutely wonderful time with the children doing craft work, they haven’t stopped talking about it, even after a few days they are still saying how wonderful the children were.”

Courses such as this further LAL’s commitment to providing inclusive, innovative, and high-quality adult learning and family learning opportunities for local communities in Lancashire. The College hopes to build on the success of this initiative and continue to strengthen its partnerships with schools and care homes in the area.

For more information on Lancashire Adult Learning and its courses, please visit

POWER IN PARTNERSHIP: How LAL and the NHS came together during COVID to facilitate the largest vaccination programme in modern British history

The year 2023 marks the third year of living with the life-altering ramifications caused by the spreading of the Coronavirus. It now appears like some semblance of normalcy has been restored, with crowded venues returning to full capacity, masked faces becoming less common, and the news cycle resuming some variation. With that said, it’s easy to cast our minds back to two and a half years ago, when the entire world seemed to come to a screeching halt.

The notoriously unsettling images of congested hospital wards and suffering patients clinging to life on respiratory machines, as well as previously bustling urban city streets that suddenly appeared like ghost towns, will linger in the minds of those who lived through it for generations.

It has certainly been a long road to get here, and we would not be enjoying this resplendent return to freedom without the hard work and sacrifices of a large number of people. We are delighted to have played some part in this through a local collaboration between the NHS and Nelson and Colne College Group’s Lancashire Adult Learning (LAL), which provided the logistical backdrop and workforce to enable Lancashire’s immunisation programme to be implemented.

The nature of the partnership:
On the 2nd of December, 2020, the first COVID-19 vaccination, the Pfizer- BioNTech, was approved for use in the UK. With that, the race to roll the vaccination out to the public was on, which inevitably posed great logistical challenges, the like of which no one had ever experienced before.

Ruth Keeler, Strategic Lead for health and care careers and engagement in the NHS, along with her team in the NHS in Lancashire and South Cumbria, were in charge of the distribution of the vaccine across Lancashire. LAL had worked with Ruth and her team in various capacities before, and she was aware of the wealth of talent and the good relationships that already existed there, which meant that they were her first port of call when it came to needing a training partner. The partnership was a quick fire coming together made necessary by the need to fill in the huge recruitment gaps the NHS was facing when staffing vaccinator roles. It took the accelerated collaborative efforts of dedicated teams on both sides to pull through and meet an incredibly tight deadline, on such a large-scale project.

The vaccination rollout:
LAL assisted the health and care sector in recruiting to these brand-new roles by training and providing 141 learners to be vaccinators. This was an even bigger success, as many of the students trained by LAL were out of work at that time, or were at home on subsidised furlough wage packages. This initiative not only managed to find them occupation in a particularly trying time but also provided the NHS with the personnel required for one of the largest vaccine rollouts in modern history. Many of the learners stated that this programme was there ‘lifeline’ to get through Christmas; not just financially, but socially and mentally too.

Courses needed to be implemented to train up the staff, and with this being a novel challenge – the mass vaccination programme had to be built from scratch. The team at LAL rose to the occasion, producing outstanding training materials with a very quick turnaround.

Time was not on their side however and, according to members of both teams, twists, turns and setbacks were around every corner due to the growing severity of the pandemic. For instance, the staff training course, originally set out to be a two-week programme, had to be compressed and accelerated into a five-day crash course.

“Information was changing daily, and we often had to meet with members of NHS three or four times a day in order to adapt our approach” noted Thomas Gee, Head of Curriculum for Employability, Volunteering and Skills with LAL.

In the end however, through the tenacity and hard work of staff at both LAL and health and care partners, the vaccination programme was a huge success. Ruth Keeler said; “we simply couldn’t have delivered the vaccines to people of this community without this partnership”.

Above and beyond – the further implications of the partnership:
Of the 141 vaccinators who acquired temporary positions in the NHS through LAL’s recruitment drive, 121 managed to go on and secure full-time roles. One of those learners was 42-year-old Mohammad Wez Azam from Nelson. Mohamad was hired as an NHS vaccinator in late 2020. Since then he has gone on to acquire a number of further roles within the NHS in the world of admin, housekeeping and further vaccinations. In addition to this, Mohamad’s newfound love of learning led him to take on more adult courses, leading him to a position as an on-call firefighter, with further roles within the fire service on the horizon.

The initial vaccinator role was particularly personal for Mohamad however, as he lost a close family member to COVID-19 earlier in the year. Not only that but Mohamad had lost his job during the pandemic, and was prompted to inquire about the LAL vaccination course through the Job Centre. Since signing up he has never looked back, commenting; “many doors have opened for me since taking part in the mass vaccination programme through LAL.

“The support I received was second to none and words cannot describe what it meant to me.”

LAL has since become a vital element of the Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS pipeline as a result of this merger, providing high quality training and a service that allows competent individuals to be fast-tracked into great roles within the NHS. LAL provide functional skills, deliver ESOL, provide conflict management and conduct a ‘Step Into’ programme – a pre-employment initiative aimed at giving students the training they need to prepare them for a career within the NHS.

Mohamad is one of many who hugely benefitted from the training and support they received with LAL and being able to take that all important first step on the career ladder within the NHS.
‘Working in partnership with organisations to design training & education to meet the economic and community needs of Lancashire is at the heart of what we do.” States Nicola Hall – Director Curriculum Innovation & Partnerships.

“It was a privilege to work with Ruth and her team to co design and deliver the pre-employment training for staff employed within the COVID vaccination centres”

We are very proud of our ties with local employers and businesses here at Nelson and Colne College Group. This collaboration began under unfavourable conditions with the dire backdrop of the pandemic, but eventually resulted in incredible life changes, both personally and financially, for many people. Not to mention the economic boost within the local community too. We are also thrilled about our modest role in the vaccination rollout across Lancashire, and the restoration of some semblance of normalcy across the county.

If you are interested in any of Lancashire Adult Learning’s programmes, or are looking to secure work after a spell of unemployment and want to see how we could help you then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Phone: 0333 003 1717

Local College shows their commitment to veterans by signing the Armed Forces Covenant

Nelson and Colne College Group (NCCG) has officially signed the Armed Forces Covenant in a prestigious ceremony held at Accrington and Rossendale College on the 22nd of February 2023

The signing was attended by Major SJ Tickle of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment along with a plethora of other Armed Forces officials, veterans and community leaders.

By signing the Covenant, NCCG has demonstrated its commitment to supporting the Armed Forces community, ensuring that those who serve or who have served in the Armed Forces, along with their families, are treated fairly.

The College Group has pledged to utilise its state-of-the-art resources, facilities and technology towards the education and rehabilitation of current and ex-forces members.

“We are proud to sign the Armed Forces Covenant and commit to supporting the Armed Forces community,” said Lisa O’Loughlin, Principal and CEO of NCCG.

“We recognise the significant contributions made by the Armed Forces, and we want to do our part in helping members of the Armed Forces transition to civilian life and pursue their education and career goals.”

Additionally, as part of this commitment, NCCG has been approved as an official education provider within the Enhanced Learning Credit (ELC) scheme, which helps eligible service personnel or armed forces leavers with funding to support retraining and upskilling or transition into new careers in civilian life.

As an approved provider, NCCG and it’s college sites, Nelson and Colne, Accrington and Rossendale College and Lancashire Adult Learning will now be able to provide relevant education to service leavers as part of this important scheme.

NCCG, which already has a long-standing commitment to supporting the Armed Forces community through Lancashire Adult Learning, offers a range of courses and skills training tailored to meet the needs of ex-forces personnel & their families. The College Group also provides specialised support services to help veterans overcome any barriers to education and employment.

“With the signing of the Covenant, Nelson and Colne College Group has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the Armed Forces community and helping veterans achieve their full potential.” Said Nicola Hall, Director of Curriculum Innovation & Partnerships with NCCG.

When asked for comment, Major SJ Tickle of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment stated; “We are delighted to welcome Nelson and Colne College Group as a signatory of the Armed Forces Covenant,

“Their commitment to supporting the Armed Forces community through education and training will make a real difference to the lives of veterans in the local area and beyond.”

Speaking on the Covenant’s importance, the Regional Employer Engagement Director with the Armed Forces, Gary Oakford said:

“The team have done a sterling job and if we can carry on getting this right, we will not only be supporting veterans but also their spouses and partners, current serving personnel looking to transition into employment, reservists who are maintaining a civilian career and the three thousand cadets currently in the North West, five per cent of whom will likely end up in the forces but also supporting the others through apprenticeships and further education.”

For more information about Nelson and Colne College Group and its support for the Armed Forces community, please visit

Saving Money and Improving Well-being, One Course at a Time 

Lancashire Adult Learning Launches Initiative to Combat Cost-of-Living Crisis 

Lancashire Adult Learning (LAL) has launched an initiative to combat the cost-of-living crisis and improve well-being in the local community. The initiative, running alongside their Multiply project, is aimed at teaching the art of frugality through cutting costs, living smarter and improving well-being during trying times. 

The free courses are now up and running and are taking place throughout the year. These can be attended both online and in person in various locations across Lancashire. Learners can register their interest through accessing the Lancashire Adult Learning website.  

There are a number of unique offerings available, and the courses are mostly targeted at issues that face the Lancashire community during times of economic hardship.  

Courses on offer include bill management and financial budgeting, which aim to help attendees better manage their finances and convey handy hints and tips to sizably cut down their gas and electric bills. Cooking and meal preparing on a tight budget is also part of the curriculum, where the focus is cheap quick and easy meals that are both filling and nutritious without breaking the bank. 

These courses are open to all members of the community, including employers, partners, low-income and unemployed learners, as well as those in employment who are struggling to make ends meet.

Furthermore, LAL have other initiatives targeting the cost-of-living crisis including coping with stress and anxiety, and improving mobility at home that will aim to improve the happiness and well-being of the local Lancashire community. Employers are invited to consider utilizing these offerings in order to provide their employees with unique and effective support regarding their mental, physical, and financial well-being. 

Local libraries are similarly supporting their community by offering cost-of-living support, namely through their Warm Spaces initiative, which invited the local community into their warm libraries with various incentives, including the following: 

  • a warm drink. 
  • a space to sit. 
  • free computers and Wi-Fi. 
  • charging points for your phone or laptop. 
  • events and activities. 
  • help from staff to find information. 

Partner organizations can also request cost-of-living support for their service users to support people during these challenging times. 

When commenting on the cost-of-living courses, Tom Gee, Head Of Curriculum: Employability, Volunteering and Skills at LAL said “Lancashire Adult Learning is proud to be supporting the community through innovative and practical programs in response to the cost-of-living crisis.  

“We understand that times are tough and that people are struggling to make ends meet. That’s why we have developed these courses, to provide practical and helpful advice to help people manage their finances and improve their overall well-being.” 

LAL’s initiative is a timely and relevant response to the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and will provide valuable support to the local Lancashire community. The courses are free, easily accessible, and cover a wide range of topics to help people improve their financial situation and overall well-being.  

For a full list of the free courses on offer, and for more information, please visit the LAL website at 

Over 500 Staff Trained in Life-Saving Skills at Senator!

Senator, a leading supplier of office furniture, has recently partnered with Lancashire Adult Learning (LAL) to train over 500 employees in life-saving skills.

The specialized team of first aid tutors from LAL worked closely with Senator to provide training sessions on how to deliver CPR and use a defibrillator in ‘first on scene’ emergency situations.

Less than one in ten people survive a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital, however, performing CPR can more than double the chance of survival. Anyone can learn basic emergency first aid skills in a short period of time which can make a huge difference to patient outcome.

Janet Nerenberg, Head of HR at Senator, expressed her gratitude for the initiative, stating; “This was a fantastic opportunity for us to support teams across our sites in learning more about CPR and the use of a defibrillator.

“We have defibrillators on all our sites, and I was amazed that a lot of people would still be nervous of using one of these in an emergency situation. Thanks to LAL, over 500 of our employees are now more confident and aware; a skill not just valuable in the workplace. I would highly recommend Craig and the team from LAL.”

Deborah Ormandy, Curriculum Leader for Health and Social Care with LAL, also expressed her admiration for the initiative and added, “Senator has shown such a huge commitment to health and wellbeing by providing training to so many of their employees!”.

LAL offers free first aid training to adults aged 19 plus living within Lancashire. Contact Craig Pollard at for more information or to book training.

This partnership is a clear indication of Senator’s commitment to the safety and well-being of its employees, and its efforts to create a more resilient and healthy workplace environment.

12 jobseekers find sustainable employment with EE through Lancashire Adult Learning’s Sector-Based Work Academy Programme (SWAP).

Nelson and Colne College Group’s Lancashire Adult Learning (LAL) is proud to announce the successful completion of its Sector-Based Work Academy Programme (SWAP), a collaboration with DWP and EE aimed at training job seekers for competitive roles within EE.

Through the initiative – which was run out of the Globe, Accrington – 12 out of 18 learners who applied managed to secure sustainable employment with EE. Their interview performances benefitted from the extensive training they had received over the past two weeks across modules which included interview masterclasses, customer service training and EE – ‘a day in the life’, which saw learners visit their potential new place of work.

“I found that this course helped prepare and motivate me for the job interview with EE,” said Mohammed Taj, one of the programme’s successful participants. “They help and support you throughout the whole process and you even gain a qualification with a certificate to boot at the end of it.”

Trish Fish, who led the 2-week course, received high praise from the learners, who said she was informative, interesting, and most importantly, fun. All participants took away valuable skills in employability, customer service, and overall confidence.

“I loved learning with Trish” said Larieba Ali. “She made all the lessons enjoyable, which made it easier for me to learn what was being taught. This course has led me to achieve useful knowledge and a level one certification in customer service.” 

The programme was designed to provide out-of-work leaners with varying levels of experience the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the competitive telecommunications industry.

The training course was condensed into 2-weeks and provided participants with hands-on experience, mentoring, and support to help them prepare for the job market. All learners who took part were guaranteed interviews at the end of the course.

“This programme was a testament to the success that can be achieved when businesses, education providers and the local community work together.” Stated Andrew Parkin, Assistant Principal for Adult Learning with LAL

“Lancashire Adult Learning and DWP will continue to provide pre-employment programmes like SWAP to support the local community and help bridge the gap between education and employment.”

For more information, please contact LAL on 0333 003 1717 or check out the range of their courses at

Lancashire Adult Learning Uses World Cancer Day to Promote Health-Courses aiming to raise awareness of the disease

Lancashire Adult Learning (LAL) is using World Cancer Day (February 4th) this year as an opportunity to promote their wide range of health & wellbeing courses, in particular those that focus on raising awareness about the main types of cancer, building confidence in discussing the disease and the importance of cancer screening for prevention and early diagnosis.

‘Screening for Prevention & Good Health’ aims to raise awareness of the three national cancer screening programmes in England; Breast Screening, Cervical Screening and Bowel Screening, building adults confidence in attending appointments or completing test kits.

The LAL team also offer a course specifically aimed at men, It’s a Man’s Life, which alongside other key health topics such as mental health, also aims to raise awareness of key male cancers, including prostrate. Increasing learner’s knowledge of the free PSA test which is available through your GP, has led to an increase in early diagnosis in some cases.

“Ten-year survival is more than 90% for people whose cancer is diagnosed at stage one, compared with 5% for those whose disease is found at stage four” says Sarah Haworth, the Head of Curriculum for Health & Wellbeing at LAL; “it is vital that the relevant information on prevention and detection of these issues is readily available to the people within our community, in order to prevent the tragedies we have become all too familiar with”.

Roisin Pelan, a LAL partner who has herself been diagnosed with breast cancer twice, has helped collaboratively design a health-based curriculum that informs and educates the local community around issues that are close to her heart.

Roisin emphasizes the importance of being overtly alert and aware of the signs of breast cancer during gestation, as many of the tell-tale indicators can easily be mistaken as symptoms of the pregnancy.

“This is particularly important,” says Roisin; “as many of the tell-tale signs of breast cancer can easily be mistaken as symptoms of a pregnancy, including beast aching and lumps – which can be overlooked during this time.”

Furthermore, LAL is working with adults within BAME (black, Asian, minority-ethnic) communities where English is not their first language and they face multiple barriers to accessing screening programmes. Outlining the process, having the opportunity to ask questions, for these learners has significantly increased their confidence in and awareness of cancer and the screening programmes available to them in England. In a number of cases, some of these adults have then gone on to attend a screening appointment for the first time.

Similarly, cultural barriers can create stigmas around self-treatment such as self-checks and open, honest communication about personal health problems. LAL’s targeted courses have been aiming to address these directly through courses such as ESOL and the further health and wellbeing offers.

The range of health-based courses currently offered by LAL is varied and wide, from healthy eating courses that provide learners with knowledge and skills to cook healthy nutritious meals on a budget, to general wellbeing courses such as introductions to yoga and meditation. Most importantly, many of these courses are free and easy to access with online options available on selected programmes.

These programmes, according to LAL, are important in the prevention of cancer as around 1 in 3 cases of the most common cancers could be prevented by eating a healthy diet, keeping to a healthy weight and being more active. There are some things you can do to lower your risk of developing cancer. But you cannot reduce your risk completely through your lifestyle. (

For more information on the health-based courses offered by Lancashire Adult Learning, please visit their website or contact them at 0333 003 1717 or visit for a full breakdown of these courses.


Local MPs and community leaders were amongst those at Accrington and Rossendale College to unveil Lancashire’s first and only rail track maintenance training facility.

Accrington and Rossendale College, a member of the Nelson and Colne College Group, has unveiled a new and unique training facility, aimed at fast-tracking locals with little to no prior experience and knowledge within rail and engineering, directly into lucrative jobs within the rail industry.

The real-to-life rail track, built on previously disused land at Accrington and Rossendale College’s Hyndburn campus, is part of a new 8-week employability programme, in partnership with Rail Futures.

Tom Gee, Head of Curriculum for Employability, Volunteering and Skills, said: “We are delighted to have officially opened our brand-new railway track here at Accrington & Rossendale College.

“The transformation of disused land into this spectacular real-to-life rail track will provide fantastic practical training for people enrolling on our 8-week rail maintenance and repair course.”

The course comprises practical skill training, which takes place at Accrington and Rossendale College on the only rail track training facility of its kind in Lancashire, alongside in class theory teaching, which mostly takes place at the Lancashire Adult Learning facility in Brierfield.

This exclusive opportunity guarantees those accepted onto the course a role within one of the numerous subgroups of National Rail as a Rail Maintenance Engineer upon the completion of their training. A role like this typically starts with a £15 an hour salary but can soon increase, with more experienced Engineers earning between £20 and £40 an hour.

The unveiling of this ground-breaking facility garnered attention from local community leaders, including Rt Hon Andrew Stephenson CBE, MP for Pendle and Rt Hon Sara Britcliffe, MP for Hyndburn and Haslingden.

Stephenson, who himself has a history within the rail industry, with both his father and grandfather working for British Rail and himself working with the Department of Transport as the Ministry of State with responsibility for HS2, had the following to say:

“It was great to be at Accrington and Rossendale College to see Sara Britcliffe, the local MP, officially open this new facility.

“Having overseen the integrated rail plan, which is a £96bn investment in the railways of the Midlands and the North, I am acutely aware that one of the key catalysts for that plan to work is ensuring there are people with the skills to deliver these major infrastructure projects. I wholeheartedly commend the work of Accrington and Rossendale College, and everybody involved in bringing together this new training centre which will provide those skills that we need for the future”

Sara Britcliffe also echoed the importance of local training facilities such as this, stating; “The railway track is the first of its kind in the area and we are proud to have such a unique tool here in Hyndburn.

“The Railway Maintenance Programme, also the first of its kind in Lancashire, is aimed at fast-tracking unemployed adults aged 19+ into well-paid, skilled careers for life within the railway industry, which is a wonderful opportunity for our local people.”

The new course will run from the 27th of February, with the College now taking enquiries from all who are interested. Similar projects to this up and down the country have seen participants progress onto well-paid roles, not only within rail maintenance but also railway civils, the construction trade, welding and manufacturing.

To enquire about this course, or any of the other programmes available through Accrington and Rossendale College, you can visit their site at or call their friendly team on 01280 440272.

Lancashire student nominated for national Student of the Year award

Lancashire Adult Learning (LAL) student, Andrea Horrocks, has been shortlisted for the Adult Student of the Year award with the Association of Colleges (AoC). This is a prestigious national award that takes into consideration nominations for students from colleges up and down the country.

The AoC Student of the Year awards highlight exceptional students across four categories and nominees are hand selected by a panel of expert judges.

Andrea’s name was submitted for consideration after she took home the Overall Learner of the Year award, as well as the Community Star award at last June’s Star Awards ceremony. 

Her personal story of addiction, recovery and continued growth through learning – on top of her outstanding achievements, have resulted in her being highlighted for a number of accolades, culminating in the AoC Adult Student of the Year 2022.

Having left school with no qualifications, enduring much of her adulthood trapped in a cycle of drug addiction and then tragically losing her husband to a car accident, there was a time when the future had looked bleak for Andrea.

Since then, however, she has pushed herself to undertake a journey of personal growth and academic development which has helped her turn her life around. Starting in 2019, Andrea began attending courses with LAL, with an ambition to gain a range of knowledge, skills, and qualifications, so she could fulfil a role as a volunteer within the community.

Over the next three years, Andrea obtained qualifications in Money Management, Basic Life Support, Emergency Paediatric First Aid, Basic Awareness of Food Safety, Essential Digital Skills, Mentorship, and more. 

In 2020 – amid the pandemic – Andrea also became the founder and director of WatchUSgrow, a charitable organisation and outreach hub in Chorley.

The success of this venture has led to her recently receiving approval to open her own recovery house in the town, offering support services for adults through their addiction recovery journey.

On a whirlwind three years, Andrea said; “The first certificate I ever received in my life was as an adult learner in 2019 with Lancashire Adult Learning, at the age of 51! It proves that it’s never too late to do something meaningful with your life.

“The Recovery House has been my ultimate aspiration and achievement. I was so thrilled to get the approval and it’s now fully established with three residents currently receiving support.

“I’m also aiming to set up another Recovery House, so watch this space!”

The Assistant Principal for Adult Learning with Nelson and Colne College Group, of which LAL is a part of, Andy Parkin said; “We are absolutely thrilled with Andrea and all the hard work and dedication she has displayed over the last three years.

“Her achievements are a testament not only to her resilience and strength of character but also to her passion and selfless enthusiasm for giving back and helping others. She is more than deserving of all the accolades that come her way and we couldn’t be prouder of her!”

This nomination comes on the back of LAL being awarded an Ofsted Outstanding rating back in March ’22 for providing educational excellence. When asked about being nominated for a national award, Andrea said; “I’m totally over the moon about being nominated as this is a totally new experience for me.

“I never believed in myself before, but LAL has given me so much self-confidence and has been massively supportive in the development of watchUsGrow. I’m truly grateful for everything they do.”

The winner of the Adult Student of the Year award will be announced at the AoC annual conference later this month and, if successful, Andrea will then be invited to attend an awards celebration event in London in Spring 2023.

Lancashire Adult Learning are Raising Aspirations across Lancashire

Another successful Raising Aspirations event took place in Brierfield this month providing attendees with a variety of resources, connections and opportunities to increase their employability, financial situations and all-around well-being.

The event, which took place at Brierfield’s Leisure Box, saw employers from across Lancashire setting up stands to interact directly with out-of-work attendees, or just those who have simply upskilled and were looking for a change of career.

Despite all this, Raising Aspirations is far from being another run-of-the-mill job fair. Lancashire Adult Learning organised and tailored the event towards improving the well-being of attendees in a number of ways. For instance, staff from Bupa were in attendance in order to administer free health checks, ensuring that everyone was fit to enter the workforce. If there were any problems with, for example, blood pressure – then they prescribed methods to reduce that to get those who needed it healthy and work-fit as soon as possible.

In addition, debt managers and financial advisors were on hand to assist anyone who had found themselves under the pressure of economic hard times – a burden with which people within our community are all too familiar in recent years. Other charity organisations were set up and ready to assist in a variety of ways, such as MPT (More Positive Together), who provide a number of services tailored towards improving job prospects for those who may need it. This includes providing free suits for interviews, developing new skills through training and generally increasing the confidence of all who utilise their service.

Once those in attendance are confident and ready to enter the workplace, then Raising Aspirations has them covered with a plethora of local employers on hand to provide information on job roles, invite candidates to interviews and even offer roles/positions on the day. Employers in attendance included; McDonalds, the Police Force, Wellocks, BT, 360 Health Care, Nelson and Cone College Group and Lancashire County Council – all of whom had meaningful interactions with potential candidates.

A total of 42 jobs were offered and 145 follow-ups arranged. The success of events like these can positively impact the lives of those affected for the better and as a college group, we look forward to seeing the sustained success of events like these in the future. Raising Aspirations will be back in the new year, so keep your eyes peeled on our events page for more info when it is published:

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