LAL supports employers with Learning at Work Week offer

Lancashire Adult Learning is offering free new courses to support the county’s employers as Learning at Work Week kicks off.

Learning at Work Week is coordinated by the Campaign for Learning and runs from Monday 17th May to Friday 23rd May. The aims of the week are to promote lifelong learning at work and build learning cultures everywhere.

The new range of courses offered by LAL to employers and their employees run throughout May. They focus on Health and Wellbeing, and are designed to meet the needs of Lancashire businesses.

Courses cover three main areas: Relaxation, Mindfulness and Positivity; Creative Wellbeing; and Exercise, Health and Cookery.

Under the Relaxation, Mindfulness and Positivity area, courses include Simple Relaxation Techniques, Five Ways to Improve Your Wellbeing and Finding Positives in Challenging Times.

Creative Wellbeing courses offered include Singing and Music for Wellbeing and Creative Recycling and Eco-Crafts. Exercise, Health and Cookery sessions range from Chair Based Yoga through to Quick and Healthy Cookery.

All of the courses can be booked online through the LAL padlet for Learning at Work Week here.

‘Health and wellbeing has never been more important’

Danielle Thorpe is Partnership and Recruitment Officer for Lancashire Adult Learning. She said: “We’re really excited to be able to deliver a fantastic range of courses for Learning at Work Week to employers and employees in Lancashire wherever you are located.

“Health and Wellbeing – mental and physical – has never been more important. The breadth of our special course offer during May means there is something for everyone to get involved with.”

Lancashire Adult Learning offers a range of courses to adult learners across Lancashire, and these are largely free, flexible and available online.

They include courses to boost health and wellbeing, options to retrain, classes to improve digital skills, and family learning opportunities.

Further information on the new range of courses for adults can be found on Lancashire Adult Learning’s website at, or by calling 0333 003 1717.

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