Skills for Life: Rachel Duckett

Rachel Duckett, 37, from Accrington thought there was no hope of a career for her after she failed at school.

Having three children of her own and a stepson at home kept her busy, and she was always ‘being mum’.

A chance meeting with a Lancashire Adult Learning tutor at her children’s school, however, changed all that.

She realised that there were courses for adult learners, and she began her journey towards a career as a Teaching Assistant.

The completion of several qualifications with LAL, including Functional Skills Maths and English, changed Rachel’s life for the better, and her achievements were acknowledged when she was named LAL’s Learner of the Year in 2017.

Rachel, who works at Green Haworth CE Primary School in Accrington, said: “I always thought that because I messed up at school there was no hope for me getting back into education, but Lancashire Adult Learning turned that all around for me – I could not have done it without them.

“I absolutely love my job – it is the best thing I have ever done. I now support children’s learning in class in my role as a Teaching Assistant, and I have additional responsibilities too.

“I also teach a phonics class and I provide specialist 1:1 support for two of our children with special educational needs.

“Not only has achieving qualifications and developing a career helped me develop educationally, I’m a much more positive and confident person and our family life is much happier now.”

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