Skills for Life: Mark Jones

Mark Jones, 45, from Preston, says he recommends Functional Skills Maths and English to anyone after seeing the positive difference it has made to his life.

Mark, who works for Lancashire County Council’s waste management division, was Lancashire Adult Learning’s Maths Star of the Year in 2019 after completing his qualification.

Since achieving it, he is in a job four grades higher than the one he was in previously. As well as the qualification he achieved, Mark puts the confidence he has gained from it as the biggest result.

Mark said: “I wanted to better myself and improve my prospects and doing my Functional Skills Maths qualification has done exactly that. Now I want to achieve my English.

“I’m always pushing Functional Skills to anyone because of what is has done for me – and I absolutely love the job I am in.

“I had low confidence with Maths ever since I left school, but now I have the confidence and ability to do sums in my head.

“My tutor was absolutely amazing and deserves so much credit for supporting me. He made the learning so much easier.”

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