Scribble your way to wellbeing

Are you looking for a creative way to improve your wellbeing? Well, we can help you do just that!

Grab a pen and paper, or if you are feeling fancy, some coloured markers. Sit comfortably and scribble.

Yes, you heard correctly – scribble! Let go of any worries about your abilities. Drawing is calming for your mental health! It can help you develop concentration and improve your focus. It can also be a way to draw your attention away from a busy and stressful day and distract you.

Once you have your scribble, you will have what looks like a mess on paper. Don’t worry, using the room around you for inspiration; fill in the shapes on the paper, use patterns from the curtains whatever pops into your head. Keep drawing until your page is full. It doesn’t matter what you draw, just that you are drawing and filling up the mini shapes in your scribble with patterns you’ve made.

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