Is your child starting primary school this September?

Here’s our tips and advice to help you, help your child on their first day of primary school.

Talk about starting school often, get your child excited!

Talking about starting school will help your child become familiar with the idea. Be excited for them, explain how they will make new friends and how they will get to learn lots of fun, new things. The more you talk about it, the more they will become comfortable with the idea. Your child trusts you; if you’re excited and happy for them, they will more than likely mirror your emotions.

Practise life skills

Now is the time to help your little one to learn day-to-day tasks. From putting on their coat and shoes to washing their hands. It will encourage your child to become independent and give them the necessities to look after themselves; it’s also a huge help for their new teacher who will have 25 other pupils to help.

Practise the school run

With so much uncertainty it may be unlikely that you will get to visit your child’s new school and meet their teacher, but you can do the school run. Take your child along, explain to them what is happening, park up outside the school and maybe show them the playground from the school gate. Show your excitement, speak to them about the different games they could play, and ask questions: What game would you like to play? The more familiar the idea of school is, the more relaxed they will feel.

Help them with numbers and the alphabet

Start practising counting from 1 – 20 and singing the alphabet song. Get your child familiar and ready for school. There are plenty of fun and engaging videos online that will help them learn their numbers and alphabet. You could also count stairs or cars, play eye spy or other letter and number games.

Tears on the first day

This all depends on the child; some will wave you goodbye and others may be a little more hesitant. This is to be expected and most parents will be feeling anxious about this too. Your child’s teacher will more than likely be a pro at getting your child in the classroom, help is there if you need it. Bring your tissues, as we know it is not just the little ones that cry. Remember your child is safe and they will be fine, and if anything, they will have lots of fun in school making new friends and playing with the new toys their school has to offer.

If you would like further information, help and support explore our Family Learning courses. We offer FREE sessions such as Ready, Steady, School and Fun with Phonics that can help your child with their journey into ‘big’ school.

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