Tom Horne

Tom, 26, was not motivated in the office job he was in, and wanted something different that he could grow into and a sector he could develop a career in.

He began his Barbering qualifications at Nelson and Colne College, an area of interest that started in his teenage years when he was a regular in a salon seat getting his own hair trimmed.

The only time Tom looks back is when he is looking in the mirror while working on a client’s hair, and he would encourage others to view the prospects of the Barbering industry too.

Tom said: “I’ve had the interest for a long time – and growing up I would get my hair cut nearly every week as I enjoyed the experience of it.

“I definitely made the right choice in switching from a job to a career. I’m constantly busy with regular clients, and I’m working in an industry that there will always be a need for.

“It is also one that is constantly developing as new products come onto the market, and new looks and trends change with time.

“There is good earning potential in Barbering too, and I’m happy with where I am right now in my working life.”

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