Debbra Walley

Debbra, 36, was very shy and had little confidence in her own abilities when she began learning with Lancashire Adult Learning, and her life had been dedicated to bringing up her children.

However, the more Debbra attended her employability sessions, the more her confidence grew and her enthusiasm developed. Soon her whole outlook and attitude had changed and her English and ICT skills improved with it.

Twelve weeks after starting employability sessions with LAL, Debbra secured an interview with a local care provider. Putting all of her knowledge and skills into practice, she was offered a part time care support job – a role that was something she had always wanted to do and a job that would work around her family commitments.

Debbra said: “I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Lancashire Adult Learning employability team for supporting me into paid employment and towards a more positive future for my family.

“Working in childcare has always been my objective, I just needed the right tools and support to get me there. To now have a job in that line of work is fantastic.

“It has also opened up more job prospects for me. I’ve always wanted to better myself and I have an ambition to become a Teaching Assistant.”

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