Digital Essentials

Course Overview

This course is to help you learn and develop your ICT skills from the beginning. You may already have some knowledge, but may not be confident in using these skills, unsure what buttons and icons to use etc. You may want to develop their home life, skills for work or job seeking skills. You should be able to follow a simple set of instructions and be able to write in sentences using capital letters, full stops and question marks and spell common words correctly, read and write, correct spellings and use a dictionary where appropriate.

What Will I Learn and How Will I be Learning?

You will complete an initial assessment to find out what you already know and what is the right level for you. Your teacher will then support you to set your individual learning targets so that you can reach your learning goals. You will be given a Topic and Assessment plan which will outline your course content and any key assessment dates. Some examples of topics are listed below:

• To develop essential digital skills necessary for work, life and further study

• To interact with digital devices and handle information appropriately

• To create, edit and store digital content

• To share content and communicate effectively using digital devices

• To develop transacting skills necessary for work and life

• To be safe, confident and responsible online

Entry Requirements

In order to successfully complete this course, you should be able to follow verbal and written instructions in English at Entry Level 2 and above.

What Can I Do Next?

This course provides an ideal platform to enable you to progress on to a Essential Digital Skills course at Entry Level 3 and Level 1. Essential Digital Skills will provide you with the digital knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable you to operate confidently, effectively, and independently in life and work. Other courses you may want to attend

· English, Maths, ICT Functional skills, Making the most of your tablet.

Lancashire Adult Learning run other associated and general interest courses – please see the latest course brochure for details.

If you require in-depth advice on progression opportunities or guidance on career choices please contact our Information, Advice, Guidance and Careers Advisers on 0333 0031717 or e-mail to

For general information about other courses, contact us on the same number or check out the website

Additional Information

The course is free. Pens and paper would be recommended for the purpose of note taking although handouts and online activities will be made available, nd a file would be helpful for your work.


Please note that our courses are eligible for adults aged 19+ who live in Lancashire. Find out more here.

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