Functional Skills ICT

Our ICT courses will help you to develop the skills and confidence to use a computer. We can teach you how to use your new skills to find services in your area, to find new hobbies, to help your children with their homework or even to find a new job online. Computer skills are widely used across all areas of everyday life and having these skills will help to access much more information, as well as improving yorur job prospects.

Our FREE Functional Skills courses start at a basic level where you learn how to use a keyboard and mouse first and then progress to more advanced levels. Classes are held at community venues, local to you at various times throughout the day.

All learners will need to carry out a short assessment prior to starting the course, to ensure that you are learning at the right level for you.

Call us on 0333 003 1717 to find out more information or to book your assessment.

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