At Lancashire Adult Learning we know how important volunteers are in creating stronger communities and providing essential support to those who need it most during this time.

We recognise that being a volunteer can be tough, but also hugely rewarding and we’re here to help and assist you along your journey as much as we can. 

Whether you’re considering becoming a volunteer for the NHS or want to work as a befriender keeping in touch with those isolated, we can offer a range of online activities to support you in these roles. 

We can also help you to find local volunteering opportunities and provide advice and support. There are lots of befriending positions available. 

We can assist you to feel more confident in your role through a variety of short courses tailored to meet the needs of befrienders. 

Our courses aim to improve and enhance your skills, and to create awareness and understanding of working with people to improve community outcomes. This is also a great way of improving employability skills to refer to in future applications 

Along with our courses, we can also offer practical advice and help connect you with our many partners and support services that are on offer. 

Below are some videos that you may find useful…

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