Recipe for success lands LAL teacher with award for his work in Lancashire prison

A Lancashire Adult Learning teacher has been recognised for eight years of hard work aiming to improve the confidence and skills of offenders in one of the county’s prisons.

Bill Wynne has proved he has the recipe for success by becoming the first non-member of prison staff at HMP Wymott in Ulnes Walton to receive an award for his work delivering his ‘cookery for one’ classes in the prison.

The course Bill delivers aims to give prisoners cookery skills to aid independence when released, and courses of this nature have shown to help reduce reoffending and improve social skills.

Some of the subjects taught by Bill include healthy eating, budgeting skills and food hygiene and the course is vital in helping give offenders the best chance upon release from prison. All the recipes are cooked in a microwave oven and this also helps the offenders to cook independently when released as they don’t need a full kitchen with all the equipment.

Bill said: “I was extremely surprised to receive recognition for my work – I thought that I was going to a meeting at the prison on another matter!

“I find teaching at HMP Wymott challenging but very rewarding. I have always had positive feedback but it is always nice to be recognised, particularly by an outside agency.

“Hopefully the offenders I teach will have gained some confidence to enable independent living – some of whom have served long sentences and will find the world a completely different place. This is why I try to keep them up to speed on the cost of food items and the general cost of living too.

Governor of HMP Wymott Graham Beck said: “Bill’s contribution to preparing men for their release from prison is invaluable and gives them the confidence to take care of themselves back out in the community.

“Bill has a professional yet approachable attitude and this is crucial in helping men of all abilities to learn new skills, and previous offenders have expressed their gratitude on many occasions for the skills they have learnt during Bill’s sessions.

“His work has helped HMP Wymott become a better place for both prisoners and staff and we are extremely grateful for Bill’s continued hard work.”

As well as its targeted delivery and partnership work, Lancashire Adult Learning offers a huge range of planned provision across the Red Rose County, from Arts and Crafts to Humanities classes, Languages to Health and Wellbeing sessions and Employability courses.

Lancashire Adult Learning’s new course guide is out now, and is packed full of courses to help adults across Lancashire learn a new skill, enhance their social life, or develop their career prospects.

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