Classmates share appreciation for Lancashire Adult Learning’s language classes

Two classmates are loving Lancashire Adult Learning’s language offer in Lancaster so much they have signed up to improve their Spanish further.

Derek Foot, 72, from Lancaster, and Eddie McVey, 55, from Morecambe, have started a second term of LAL’s Spanish Improvers course held at the University of Cumbria in Lancaster after initially enrolling for professional and personal development.

The duo have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of completing the Spanish beginners course under the expert guidance of teacher Mary Mitchell, and were part of an armada of other learners who signed up for the next level.

Learning Spanish with LAL has meant communicating on holiday is far easier for retired Derek, but for Eddie, who is unemployed, it has given him a new purpose and he now has dreams of using it for employment down the line.

Eddie said: “I’ve really enjoyed the class and I think it is something I’ll continue with. It’s even given me wild dreams about doing some interpreting work in the future.

“I’ve loved it. There’s the learning aspect but also the social aspect to it which is great.

“It’s just got into my blood. I’m going to continue doing as many courses for as long as I can. I’m determined to keep going with it.

“Mary is a fantastic, experienced teacher who has time for each individual. Classes are relaxed and she can’t do enough for us.”

And Derek added: “I go to Tenerife quite often on holiday and the idea of being able to speak Spanish seemed like a good one.

“As well as the learning, the social side of the class is brilliant. Everybody enjoys the classes and Mary is wonderful.

“Personally, for me what is nice is that when I’m sat on the bus in Tenerife, I can pick up what other people are saying now and when I’m looking out of the window I can read and understand the signs.”

LAL delivers a huge range of provision in the Lancaster area from Arts and Crafts to Humanities through to Health and Wellbeing and ICT courses.

Language classes make up just one of these categories, and courses are offered in French, German, Italian and Spanish, with the aim of improving learners’ reading, writing and speaking.

They are a great way of learning something new and developing an essential skill, with classes running at six different ability levels – for those who want an introduction to a new language, to those who are at an advanced stage of learning.

LAL tutor Mary said: “It gives me such a thrill to hear Derek and Eddie are really enjoying learning a language.

“Learning helps your communication skills and your confidence and we aim to make it a cultural experience, as well as a learning experience.

“There are all sorts of reasons for learning a language. Some people may need it for work, some may have relatives abroad, or you may just want to learn it for use on holiday or simply do it because of a love of learning.”

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