Creative Writing learner hopes new skills will make dream book a reality

A severely visually impaired woman has had her confidence boosted and her writing skills transformed after enrolling on a Lancashire Adult Learning course.

Helen Greenhalgh, 41, from Chorley, seized the opportunity to start on our Creative Writing for Beginners course when she made a telephone enquiry with the enrolment team.

Helen’s ambition is to write a novel that appeals to children and another of interest to adults, and to have them published.

However, before arriving at LAL, she feels she did not have the necessary skills nor the belief to achieve it.

She said: “I’m quite a creative person and I like to make things like cards and jewellery.

“But I’ve always been avid on reading and I have always enjoyed writing. I thought that I would like to do my little bit and try to create some reading that other people would like to enjoy but I’ve never really had the confidence to do it.

“I thought I would like to come on a course to build my confidence and learn some new creative writing skills that would help me develop that.

“I have found this course really useful as I have now learnt how to create and develop characters to make them realistic, how to create and develop a mood board for story inspiration and different ways of starting sentences to captivate the reader.”

Helen’s severe visual impairment has meant her handsome five-year-old black Labrador guide dog Zimba never leaves her side.

But as she has discovered, that has been no problem at all as LAL staff have taken both into account.

Helen has urged others with disabilities not to hold back if there is a course they wish to sign up for.

She said: “Zimba likes to make friends but most of the time he just lies there and lets us carry on doing the work around him.

“If there is a course which you are interested in, come and see if they run it, and if you can, enrol.

“For example, I need things in large print and they will try and fit that in to your course studies.

“If there is any work that needs being read, they’ve done it for me in a large print for me which makes it that little bit easier for me because I really do struggle with standard 12 font print.

“They have also tried to get it copied on to yellow paper because I find it easier to read black on yellow than black on white.”

Helen loved the first course so much that she is beginning another in the new year.

She added: “It’s been such a good decision to come on the Creative Writing course here that I’ll be enrolling on another one in January.

“I don’t know if anything will ever come of it but I would absolutely love to have a book published one day.”

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