LAL course helps give pensioners a new lease of life…

A group of pensioners from East Lancashire have shared how a six week course with Lancashire Adult Learning has given them a new lease of life.

For some of the learners, the six-week Chair Based Exercise course, at Ravencroft Community Centre, Helmshore, has helped them not only get more mobile and be involved in a social activity, but also stand up without support for the first time in years.

The classes, which have been run by teacher and former Physical Training Instructor in the Army Craig Harrison, included a warm up, a main session of exercises, and warm down.

Lily Dust, 90, has revealed how following health problems she was left unable to get out of her chair without assistance – something she has now achieved with the help of Craig.

She said: “It’s been lovely. I wanted to get more mobile, and I wouldn’t have been able to do some of the exercises six weeks ago.”

Jean Cothliff, 83, added: “It has been great. I couldn’t get up out of my seat without having to push myself up – I hadn’t been able to do that for over a year. This is helping to strengthen me and to get me going again. I have enjoyed the way the classes have been run.”

And Betty Padley, 80, said: “I am quite immobile and have got arthritis, but my family and friends are saying how I am now walking better. When I sat down on the chair I struggled to get up, but now this is easier.

“I still have my aches and pains, I can’t do anything about that – but by doing this class it has helped with my mobility. Craig has been really patient with us all.”

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