Learn the lingo with LAL!

We’re celebrating the European Day of Languages today and inviting budding linguists to learn a new skill.

Celebrating all things linguistic, the annual day encourages people to explore the benefits of learning one of Europe’s 200 languages.

As part of the celebrations, LAL learner Amanda Long has shared how signing up for a course in Portuguese has been of benefit to her. After visiting Portugal many times, and buying a holiday home in the Algarve, Amanda decided that learning the language would be a help – especially if she ever decided to go and live there. Despite only knowing a few words at the beginning of the course, she was able to quickly expand her vocabulary and change the quality of her European breaks.

Amanda, said: “I was able to order food in restaurants, buy train tickets and use my new skills in other situations. I felt a real sense of achievement and I’m going to carry on learning!”

We offer a wide range of language courses across the county for adult learners.  Whether it’s to make conversation easier on holiday or learn more about the culture of a country, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

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